Our values.

Think customer experience, first

We are at the service of our clients. Lenders, borrowers and partners, we focus on their experience as we know our success will only follow theirs. We have carefully aligned our interests with them and focus on the long term.

Always improve

It’s everyone’s job to constantly innovate and simplify. Details matter as well as compliance with regulation: both demonstrate our commitment to quality. We are proud users of our own product, and humble in taking user feedback as our greatest inspiration.

Enjoy the journey

We’re on a discovery mission. What we do, and how we do it, is a new experience. It means our daily lives are filled with learning (including from our mistakes) and are made richer by our interactions with everyone, inside and outside the company.

Strive, together

Progress requires smarts, sweat and karma. Bringing together talented and diverse people, learning with them, rewarding their hard work and commitment to the team, is the best way to reach our goals.

Let the sunshine in

Transparency is as much a differentiator from incumbents as technology. We believe it to be the best way to irrevocably commit to integrity and fairness for all stakeholders, building trust strong enough to weather cycles and crises. This is true internally and externally.

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Lending money to SMEs presents a risk of capital loss and requires your savings to be immobilised. Do not borrow beyond your repayment capacity.

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